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What our clients say about Lowland Financial Advice


"Always feel inspired after our meetings and now think that I do have a proper handle on my money, what it is all doing and where, and what it will do for me in the future!"     Janet Young - Norham

"The help of your incredible colleagues in carrying out the transactions will not be forgotten."  Carolyn Hemsley - Gala

 "You always manage to fill us with enthusiasm for what we need to be doing financially" M & C B - Cumbria

"We are so pleased that we put you on our final shortlist of one (!) when we were looking for a Financial Advisor - the impact that you have made in helping us to maximise the benefits of our pension pots and resolve our shorter term 'cashflow' problems has been remarkable and the light now seems to be glaring at the end of the tunnel! Thank you." Alan & Sheila McQueen - Eyemouth

"You put my current situation in a very concise, accurate and articulate way. I have taken your advice. Thank you." Dr Dorothy Logie - Bowden

"I am particularly impressed with Lowland's pension planning strategies including the use of the ISA allowance which, in retirement, provides an ever increasingly tax free income - Yippee!" Fraser Nimmo - Bankfoot

"Many thanks for yesterday's analysis, we usually leave your office in an optimistic mood!" Sue Russell - Cheshire

"I always feel sparky after talking to you. You are enthusiastic and always looking for ways to help me. You keep it simple and give me options, advantages and disadvantages so I can make informed decisions for myself." Gordon Robb - Coldstream

"I cannot get my head round this stuff (ie pensions) - you put my mind at rest." Anne Anderson - Selkirk

 "Another invaluable meeting - I wish I'd met you 20 years ago!" Alan Dickson - Hawick

"About Lowland Financial's Free Retirement Guide

"I found the guide to be very good and could easily be understood without too much jargon, and I wish I had been given one some years ago as it would have been very helpful to me."  A. S. Borders 

"One of the better reads I have seen for ages. Really good."  K. P. Renfrewshire