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About you

Coult these questions be relevant to you?

  • Advice and guidance
    • Do you need advice or somebody to talk to on matters financial?
    • Are you financially savvy but would value an expert second opinion?
    • Has your bank or stockbroker stopped giving advice?
  • How to get organised?
    • Do you have lots of financial baggage collected over the years (pensions, ISAs, life insurance, bank accounts etc) and ignore it because you can’t make sense of it?
    • Has your existing pension or investment company been taken over so you have no idea who to speak to?
    • Do you see a different person every time you see your bank adviser?
  • Plans for the future
    • Are you concerned about the future – and how you might cope?
    • Are you concerned that you might one day run out of money?
    • Have you unsure of the income you might need when you retire?

If the answer is yes – it should be well worth giving us a call.

We have helped hundreds of people make important and frequently life changing decisions at key moments in their lives. You might only need the reassurance that comes from knowing you are making the best of what you have got, or there may be more tangible benefits examples of which are highlighted in the client stories from these three sections of this site:

Pre retirement - retirement is stil some way off. You are juggling priorities eg mortgage, childern's education, insurance etc as well as trying to save for the future

At retirement  - retiring within the next few years. Wrestling with key questions like "can I afford to retire" or "will I run out of money" as well as deciding what can be done to improve things as well deciding on the best option for your pensions

In retirement  - already retired. Issues here tend to focus on the best way to deal with problems like inflation, poor teturns on savings, investment risk, Care costs or Inheritance Tax 

You should end up better off in some tangible way by the end of the meeting. Also you get a free retirement plan and report. Clients tell us they find dealing with Lowland a breath of fresh air. You will always talk to a real person – with your best interests at heart.

Please get in touch for a no obligation chat to see how we can help, we'd love to hear from you.