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In retirement key issues

You are no longer working, so it is unlikely that new money will become available (unless you inherit or downsize).

You need to make what you have last as long as possible for the benefit of you and your family. Possible concerns where we can help might be:

  • How can I make the most of what money I have now?
  • Will my income keep pace with inflation?
  • Will I need the same income in the future as I need now?
  • Do I have enough income and cash spare for emergencies or to enjoy myself
  • What is the likely impact of Inheritance Tax on my hard earned savings
  • How can I help my family during my lifetime?
  • What are the implications if I need long term care provision?
  • What can I do to reduce the tax burden when I die?


Here we have listed 5 client stories where we have helped clients already retired to make more of what they have.  Read more... or

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