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Free meeting and Retirement plan

If you are have concerns about your retirement why not call us to arrange a free meeting. This down-to-earth review which typically lasts around 1 hour, should help answer key questions such as:

  • when can I afford to retire?
  • will I run out of money?
  • what can I do to improve things?

We will list your assets and potential income sources and match them to your likely expenditure in retirement. It is equally relevant whether you are retired already or are planning ahead. We can look at some different scenarios and strategies and agree a broad approach before preparing a summary of what we have discussed. I will e-mail or post you a copy of this summary a few days after our meeting.

If you want to discuss the likely advantages of a free Retirement Planning Review, and book a convenient time for a meeting, please either e-mail retirement@lowlandfinancial.co.uk or call 01896 751007 

Examples of tangible gains for some clients

What other people are saying about their Retirement Strategy Review meeting

"I cannot get my head round this stuff (ie pensions) - you put my mind at rest." Anne Anderson Selkirk
"You put my current situation in a very concise, accurate and articulate way. I have taken your advice. Thank you!" - Dr D Logie, Bowden


*   As we are on the first floor, if you have difficulties with stairs we'd be happy to arrange to meet you in Kelso or at your home