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Calculators and Guides

Here are some useful guides, and easy to use calculators to help you think about some aspects of your financial options.


Do You Have Enough Money To Retire? 

Download your free copy of our handy publication here: ‘Your Guide to a Happy Retirement’.

  • Learn how much money you will need to retire happy and stress-free
  • Understand ways to maximise your income, and reduce your Inheritance Tax liability
  • Plus the options for using (and preserving) your pension fund. It’s FREE – no sign-up required

Withdrawing money from your pension:  -

 Whatever happened to that old policy?   Companies change names all the time so if you can't find out what happened to your old policy provider  - this handy site - helps you track down who is servicing your plan.  Track your old policy -  And they have sample letter wording to copy and paste if you want to contact them for any reason.

 Savings ratesHow can I get more from my savings?  - with interest from savings accounts as low as they've been for many years - and no immediate signs of improvement - our guide to savings and investments will help you understans investing a bit better - and decide when investing (with it's associated risks to your capital) might be worth considering. You probably already know I'm a fan of Premium Bonds - but they offer fair (tax free) rates of interet, easy access, ultimate capital security and the potential of a prize win of up to £1 million every month!


State pension:


Pension tracing service: Have You Lost Track Of A Pension? It's easily done! Here is a link to a DWP website from Pension Stacing Service to help you find your lost workplace or personal pension: Pension Tracing Service  Here is a link to a DWP website from the Pension Tracing Service to help people find their lost workplace or personal pension savings. There is currently an estimated £400 million unclaimed pensions so if you are in doubt why not take a look?.  It’s a free service that enables people to search a database of more than 320,000 pension scheme administrators.


Who Else Wants To A Tax Free Gift Of £20pm From HMRC? This applies to married couples / civil partners where one person is a basic rate taxpayer and the other earns below the tax threshold (£12,570 for tax year ending 5th Aptil 2022). Transfer up to 10% of your personal allowance to your spouse and save £250pa The non taxpaying spouse can divert up to 10% of their allowance (ie £1,257) to the taxpaying spouse, who as a result pays less tax - currently up to £251.40.  This tax saving device was introduced in 2015 and if you have not claimed the allowance previously - you can potentially get a refund for previous years too. If you prefer to speak to someone about this call HMRC on 0300200 3300 - I'm told it's a fairly easy process and they are really helpful.


Enhanced Annuity download a questionnaire to see if you might qualify for an enhanced annuity


Ethical Investing - a significant number of our clients invest in Ethical portfolios - here are a few thoughts on why you might consider this approach for some or all of your funds Ethical Investing - Lowland observations.