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Our services

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Free initial meeting

Do you have a combination of saving investments and pensions of at least £100,000 and are within easy drive of Gala (or Kelso)?  We offer a free initial meeting to see if you want to work with us. If as a result of this no obligation initial meeting there are things that require attention, we invariably need to take some action or implement some changes. Have a look at the "how we work" guide if you want more information. If you want to know more about our services - this leaflet How We Work should answer most of your questions.

We try always to demonstrate the value of our advice whether it's making money, saving tax or ensuring peace of mind knowing you've done all you can.  Sometimes we can make a substantial difference or stop you making a big mistake but more often than not we focus on a series of relatively small improvements which over the years can make a significant difference.

I regularly quote Dave Brailsford - the GB cycling coach whose philosophy of "marginal gains"  turned the GB Cycling team into world beaters at the 2012 London Olympics - "They're tiny things but if you lump them together it makes a big difference."  That's what we will do for you!

Research and Strategy

The next part of our service is Research and Strategy - where we gather information about you, carry out research on your investments pensions etc and provide broad recommendations designed to make the most of what you have. 


Advice and Implementation - where we will make make any appropriate changes to existing plans, funds and arrangements. This ensures everything is up to date and takes account of any opportunities. So for example if you are on the point of retirement - we would discuss the options for your pension ahead of time and help you to decide what is the best opion for you (eg annuity Income Drawdown etc) when you stop working.

Ongoing support

The next stage is to consider the ongoing support you need from us.  We know things will change (your situation, legislation, products and services, funds etc) We believe it is vital to review things in the future. As a result we offer a range of review services to help adapt your plans to these changes. 

If however this regular review is not appropriate for you (or you have a one-off specifi project in mind) we can offer ad-hoc advice as needed.