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Review services


We know things will change, legislation, funds, your personal circumstances etc. This is why clients who work with us to benefit from our comprehensive regular review service.

There are three options which vary according to your circumstances and qualify you for reduced fees for any future one-off work. That way you can forget about financial stuff between meetings – or call and speak to someone when something crops up. And all R6 and R36 clients benefit from our Free Switch Guarantee  if we subsequently identify a more suitable opstion

   Our premier service designed for clients with substantial assets and / or complex requirements where we need to meet at least every 6 months. .

   The comprehensive service designed to meet the requirements of the majority of our clients. We meet every year and frequently speak in between times to answer queries.

   A lighter touch service for people who have less complicated needs but value the peace of mind that comes from a regular annual update of what you have invested with a regular check-up meeting every 3 years to monitor changes.

"Another invaluable meeting - I wish I'd met you 20 years ago!" Alan Dickson, Retail mentors Ltd, Hawick
"Many thanks for yesterday's analysis, we usually leave your office in an optimistic mood!" - Sue Russell, Peebles