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At retirement key issues

When you retire there are likely to be many questions for example:

  • Do I need to wait for the state pension before I can retire?
  • What are my options for my pension when I stop working?
  • Can I afford to stop when I want to?
  • Am I in the right funds so close to retiremet?

5 client stories: here we have listed 5 situations to show how we have helped clients about to retire to become better off:  Read more...

A critical question for many is "How can I be sure I’ve made the best choice for my pension?" and "Should I take Tax Free Cash and what are the options for my income – annuity, income drawdown etc?" There are many more options for pensions scheduled for 2015 - we offer a Free Guidance meeting to explain the options and help you decide what to do.

For many people it is not just about being able to afford to retire, it could be wondering what you will do with yourself when you retire – or thinking about what you have always wanted to do but never had time / money to do it? 

Whatever your circumstances - our advice and guidance at this critical stage where you may need to make one-off irreversible decisions should prove highly valuable.

If you want see examples of how we have helped ther people about to retire - check out these case studies based on real situations where we have made a significant difference.

If an annuity is the best option - our Annuity Service is for you!

If you have at least £50,000 in your combined pension funds and want no risk with your annuity payments, we will:

  • Help you decide if you prefer to take a Tax Free Lump Sum or more income
  • Help you decide the best guaranteed annuity basis (eg spouses / escalation / guaranteed period etc)
  • Having decided the most appropriate annuity basis – we shop around to get the best annuity income for you
  • Any new (open market) annuity quotes will include our fee in the figures we give you

That way there are two possible outcomes:

  1. You get a better pension for the rest of your life – and have paid us for doing so (without having to write a cheque for our fee)
  2. We cannot improve things – so you can stick with what is already on offer (but you have had help deciding the best basis for your annuity and confirmation that it is best value)